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A little background info on me, Liz Davies owner of Topstitch.

I started Topstitch in 1999 after Graduating from Ravensbourne College of Design & Communication with a BA Hons in Furniture Design.

I knew straight away that my passion was focussed on the practical side, making prototypes of the pieces I'd designed.

As a result I combined this acquired knowledge of Design with skills mastered through years of working at Nahoulakian Car Trimmers (my fathers business in Oxfordshire). Which including leatherwork, car panels, motorbike and F1 seats, became a very unique and valuable mastery.

I have a great respect for the integrity of furniture design and provide a high standard finish to all my clients. This starts with Consulting at early stages and careful communication with the designer, through careful completion even when working to tight deadlines.

With this understanding comes a real consideration for design classics when re-upholstering, keeping the details of the design with care as they were intended.

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